Polish writer portrayed in Italian daily

A portrayal of Polish writer Gustaw Herling-Grudziński (1919-2000) was presented on Monday in the Roman daily "La Repubblica" by the Italian writer and literary critic Pietro Citati.

The author of the story about the Polish writer, who lived in Naples for almost half a century, recalled that in 2019, on the 100th anniversary of his birth, a collection of his works was published in Italy in a large volume of almost 1,900 pages, published by the Mondadori publishing house.

Mr Citati described the life of Herling-Grudziński, including his imprisonment in a Soviet labour camp and joining the army of General Władysław Anders, as well as the combat he experienced as he travelled with the army until the Battle of Monte Cassino.

The author of the article also recalled that "before the war, Herling intended to become a literary critic, but war and imprisonment pushed him towards literature and the sheer torment of creation. He wrote two masterpieces under their influence: "A World Apart: The Journal of a Gulag Survivor" and "The Journal Written by Night".

Little known for years in Italy, the Polish writer who lived in the country for several decades, became known to the public in 2019 thanks to the publication of a collection of his works and a great festival of his work, organised in Naples, among others by the Polish Institute in Rome.