COVID-19: Poland will propose EU a way out of the crisis

"We will be proposing a way out of the crisis after the COVID-19 pandemic to the entire EU," said speaker of the Polish lower house Elżbieta Witek after the meeting of the heads of parliaments of the V4 group.

On Tuesday, there was a teleconference of the heads of parliaments of the Visegrad Group countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia) with the participation of the Speakers of the Sejm and Senate - Elżbieta Witek and Tomasz Grodzki. Afterwards, they both appeared at a joint press conference.

The Speaker of the Sejm explained that during the meeting the issue of the role of the parliaments of the Visegrad Group countries in strengthening the position of governments in the EU arena was raised.

She also added that the current epidemic situation was also discussed. "We are aware of how difficult it will be for our economies and societies to recover from the epidemic on many levels. We talked about the epidemic situation in other countries and how our neighbours are dealing with it. We decided to support each other, and we will also make proposals for the entire EU on which path to take to overcome this crisis, said Ms Witek.

The Senate speaker Tomasz Grodzki assessed that the Visegrad Group is a "good community". "This community has a future", he said and stated that during the teleconference, Poland made a proposal "to raise cooperation" within the Visegrad Group to the next level and establish "something like a parliamentary assembly" within it.

"It was a good meeting. Interesting impressions, different points of view, some things that differed between us, but definitely more that united us," said Mr Grodzki. "These meetings are needed because in the global dimension NATO and the EU are the pillars of Polish diplomacy, but in the local dimension the issues of the Visegrad, the Three Seas Initiative and the eastern policy are things that constitute the local pillar of Polish foreign policy," he concluded.

The teleconference, which consisted of four sessions - two conducted by Tomasz Grodzki and two by Elżbieta Witek - was attended by: Speaker of the lower house of the Czech parliament Radek Vondraczek, President of the Czech Senate Milosz Vystrcil, Chairman of the National Council of Slovakia Boris Kollár and Chairman of the National Assembly of Hungary Laszlo Koever.