Poland calls for sources of EU’s biodiversity strategy financing

The Polish government supports the ambitious goals envisaged in the EU’s biodiversity strategy but also believes that they should be made more detailed. At the same time, it has stated that the document lacks information about the sources of their financing.

The ‘green lungs of Poland’

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Addressing an agriculture committee of the Senate, the upper house of the Polish parliament on Tuesday, Deputy Environment Minister Małgorzata Golińska presented the Polish government’s position on the EU’s biodiversity strategy for 2030.

The EU’s biodiversity strategy for 2030 is a comprehensive, ambitious and long-term plan to protect nature and reverse the degradation of ecosystems. The strategy aims to put Europe’s biodiversity on a path to recovery by 2030, and contains specific actions and commitments, according to the official EU website.

Repeating that the Polish government supports the chief goal of the strategy, Ms Golińska said that a number of its definitions required more detail, and added that all EU countries should be able to participate in their preparation to avoid future problems, since, at the moment, “every country understands these definitions in a different way.”

The deputy minister also said that the document lacked information regarding both the sources of financing of ambitious plans and an analysis of the socio-economic impact of the proposed changes.