COVID-19: Gov’t wants to vaccinate 3 mln by end of Q1 2021 says official

We vaccinate at the same pace as Germany, we are limited by the lack of vaccines, not organisational problems, Michał Dworczyk, the head of the PM’s office and the governmental commissioner for the COVID-19 vaccines told Onet news website.

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He stressed that the government wants to vaccinate three million people by the end of the first quarter of 2021. “We claim it based on the declaration of the vaccine producers and it is likely that they will fulfil their obligations,” Mr Dworczyk said.

Asked about the lower number of vaccinations over the weekend, he said that the government is responsible for elements of logistics and registration of patients outside the group zero.

“The process of vaccinations itself – apart from the guidelines and regulations – is organised by people who know the best way to do it: doctors, nurses, hospital managers,” he explained.

“This programme will be conducted efficiently when all its participants feel that they are treated as partners,” Mr Dworczyk said.

The official said that next weekend there will be more vaccinations and expressed his hope that all those who want it, will get vaccinated by the end of 2021.

“Let us wait until the end of March. If we vaccinate 3,000,000 people by then it will mean that we are on the right track,” Mr Dworczyk stressed.