Return to normality possible in 2-3 months: Fin Min

Current pandemic restrictions should be eased in the coming weeks, and most could be lifted entirely by the turn of the second and third quarter of the year, Tadeusz Kościński, the Poland’s finance minister told the news website on Wednesday.

Restrictions in force prolonged, youngest students return to schools: ministry

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“We are not an island, we are a part of the continent, our neighbours are in serious trouble. We also have a problem with the COVID-19 pandemic in Poland, but these are not as severe as in neighbouring countries,” the minister said.

Mr Kościnski added that the current national vaccination programme should result in the relaxation of some of the laws over the next two to three weeks, with up to 80 percent of the restrictions coming to an end around March or April.

“I hope in 2-3 weeks the restrictions will be loosened and the vaccinations start to work. We have also those who recovered. I think in 2-3 months we can think about returning to normality,” the minister said.

He noted, however, that some of the restrictions will have to remain in place for a longer period.

On Monday, the Polish government announced that the current pandemic restriction will continue until January 31.