Poland’s min wage bold move in pandemic landscape: report

“Not impressive” in comparison to the other developed countries but making one of the greatest steps in pursuit of them, is how Business Insider website described Poland’s minimum wage and its growth.

The Business Insider cited Picodi.com website which composed a ranking of countries rising minimum wages. In it, Poland was behind only nine states.

However, in terms of minimum pay, Poland came 24th in a ranking including 56 states. During the pandemic, Poland came 10th in terms of the pace of increasing minimum wage. Taxation and social insurances were taken into consideration during the analysis.

Every third surveyed country opted not to raise its minimum wage as of January 2021, including Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia and the US. In the US, the federal rate has not changed since 2009.

The largest pay rise was witnessed in Ukraine (27 pct y/y) and yet it remained one of the lowest in the world amounting to EUR 143.

Only 15 out of 56 surveyed countries froze their minimum wage during the pandemic. Kazakhstan decreased its minimum wage.

Most of the states, including Poland, did not shy away from increasing their minimum wage. Poland made the minimum wage grow by 9.8 percent, up to PLN 2,062 (EUR 455.58). For the sake of comparison, in Germany the minimum wage amounts to EUR 1,244.

In Poland, the minimum wage rose by EUR 41 against the average of EUR 20 in all of the 56 surveyed states.