Epidemic figures in decline but further defrosting inadvisable: doctor

Epidemic figures are stable with a downward trend, said the chairman of Warsaw Family Physicians, Doctor Michał Sutkowski. However, he noted that many people are still dying from COVID-19, and the government must find a way to hold a fruitful dialogue with those questioning restrictions.

He admitted that Poles are breaking the restrictions, but are still cautious.

"Of course, people approach it differently. The situation is slightly improved by various restrictions, the effect of which must be visible. Because the daily cases trend is downward, the government decided to open schools for students in grades 1-3, but it is not good enough to defrost the restrictions in other spheres of life”, Doctor Sutkowski added.

In his opinion the government urgently needs to find a way to talk to entrepreneurs who question the restrictions.

"You have to sit down and talk to these people, and above all, draw them a plan to get out of the restrictions. Otherwise, they will disrespect these limitations sooner or later and all hell will break loose", Doctor Sutkowski stressed.

In his opinion, in these difficult times, civil disobedience can be tempting for many people.

"That's why I always said that I am a supporter of very hard lockdowns, but the short ones, because the current one lasts too long. It neither gives quick and strong effects related to the drop in infection cases, nor gives people a chance to bounce back after the previous lockdown. It all overlaps, and yet we are still in the period of an epidemic. This problem needs to be solved by dialogue”, the doctor concluded.

On Wednesday, the Health Ministry announced 9,053 new confirmed COVID-19 infections in Poland, increasing the total number of cases recorded in the country to 1,404,905. Some 481 new fatalities were reported, as the death toll went up to 32,074. One week ago on Wednesday, over 14,000 new cases were confirmed.