Lifting restrictions possible should daily case numbers not increase: expert

If the number of COVID-19 infections per day is falling or staying more or less the same, we will start proposing to loosen the restrictions, said the Prime Minister's COVID-19 advisor, Professor Andrzej Horban, on the Polsat News TV channel.

When asked how much longer the restrictions may last, Prof. Horban replied that "we don't think so far as to consider the end of the lockdown, but we will see what will happen in a week or two.”

He added that the current wave of restrictions had been introduced in November and December.

"It started to work and we are seeing a decline. Therefore, there is no reason to increase these recommendations", he argued.

Andrzej Horban also pointed out that there was a very well-founded fear that the new, more transmittable variant of the coronavirus from the UK has already reached Poland.

He also pointed out that Great Britain was a relatively calm and comparable country to Poland in terms of the epidemic, and now, due to this new variant of the virus, is recording a huge increase in the figures for daily cases.

The extended COVID-19 restrictions currently in force, including the closure of hotels and limited operation of shopping centres, were introduced on December 18 with an initial date of termination on January 17. However, the government decided to prolong that period till, as it stands, January 31. Apart from the regulations mentioned above, the limits on the number of people allowed to enter shops, churches and means of transport, as well as the obligation of covering mouth and nose in public space still apply.