E-commerce thrives amid COVID-19 pandemic in Poland

Online purchases reached an all-time record in Poland in 2020 and the market was one of the fastest growing in Europe, according to data presented by “Rzeczpospolita” newspaper.

Top e-commerce platform expects solid growth in Poland

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Quoting data from statistics website Statistica.com, the daily reported that online spending reached USD 12 bn (EUR 9.87 bn) in five main categories in 2020. That is, the paper added, USD 2.3 bn (EUR 1.89 bn), or about 25 percent, more than in 2019.

Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, the head of the Chamber of Electronic Economy, told the paper that “the Polish e-commerce comprises mainly small and medium-sized firms, and its value is estimated at PLN 100 bn (EUR 22 bn).”

“Some 11,000 new e-shops were set up last year and nearly 80 percent of internet users make online purchases,” Ms Sass-Staniszewska said.

The growth in sales of a number of products this year may match that seen in 2020, “Rzeczpopsolita” predicts.

“An example of this is the biggest category in Poland’s online market, fashion,” the paper reported.

“In 2020, Poles increased their online spending on clothes by more than USD 1.1 bn [EUR 0.9 bn], to USD 5.7 bn [EUR 4.9 bn], and the estimate for 2021 predicts a USD 1 bn [EUR 0.82 bn] growth,” the daily wrote.

“Although online spending will no longer increase at a pace exceeding 20 percent, growth will still be double-digit,” the paper added.

“According to Maciej Kraus, a partner in the Movens Capital fund, Poland was one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in Europe, although it is still at a lower level compared to Western Europe,” the daily says.