COVID-19 poll: nearly 61 pct want to get vaccinated

The percentage of Poles wanting to get the anti-COVID-19 jabs is increasing, Thursday's survey by IBRiS pollster commissioned by the “Rzeczpospolita” daily showed.

Currently, as many as 60.9 pct of respondents want to get vaccinated.

“Those who definitely want to get vaccinated amount to 37.2 pct… 23.7 pct rather want to get vaccinated. A total of 16.3 pct of respondents were definitely against it and 11.8 pct were rather against COVID-19 vaccination,” the report reads.

The daily highlighted the fact that the January survey showed a spike of 14 percentage points in the number of individuals inclined to get vaccinated in comparison to the previous poll of December 2020.

“The largest slump was recorded among those who claimed they would ‘rather not vaccinate’. In December, this was the answer of 27.1 percent of respondents. Three weeks after, the group dwindled to 11.8 percent,” the daily noted.

However, the group of people definitely wanting to get vaccinated shrunk only slightly.

IBRIS head Marcin Duma said that the first factor behind the uptick of people willing to get vaccinated was “that the vaccination has already started and there’s a dearth of accounts of undesirable side effects.”

The second factor was “the ever-greater fatigue with the sanitary restrictions.”