Public consultations over Polish Hydrogen Strategy underway

Public consultations over the Polish Hydrogen Strategy 2030 began on Thursday. According to the Climate Minister Michał Kurtyka, in the coming years, investments in hydrogen technologies are expected to amount to several billion PLN.

At the Thursday press conference, the minister stressed that this new branch of the Polish economy is one of the government's priorities for the coming years. He pointed out that hydrogen technologies are to contribute, inter alia, to the modernisation of the country’s energy sector.

Mr Kurtyka announced that the consultations would last 30 days. “We are counting on the active participation of citizens in these talks," he added.

Ireneusz Zyska, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, pointed out that the ministry was also working on a relevant act, the Hydrogen Law, and a sectoral agreement on the development of hydrogen technologies.

The government's plenipotentiary for the hydrogen economy Krzysztof Kubów said that hydrogen was, on the one hand, an energy carrier and, on the other, considered a pillar of the world economy for the future. He also recalled that Poland was the fifth largest producer of hydrogen in the world and third in the EU.

The draft national hydrogen strategy includes 40 initiatives to achieve the goals in the field of the development of hydrogen technology. Among its purposes are the decarbonisation of industry, swift and safe distribution of hydrogen, creation of a stable regulatory environment and production of hydrogen in new installations.

The installed capacity of electrolysers in Poland is to reach 2 GW in 2030.