COVID-19: Pfizer limits vaccine deliveries to Europe

According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the Pfizer company announced that it intended to significantly increase the production of its vaccine against COVID-19, which may result in a temporary decrease in the number of inoculations spread across Europe.

The Pfizer authorities stated the company would try to increase the number of doses of the vaccine produced this year to 2 billion, some 700 million more than originally planned.

Before this happens, however, the volume of deliveries from the Puurs plant in Belgium could "fluctuate", the company said. The reason is the need to make modifications to the factory, which require additional regulatory approvals.

"While this will temporarily affect deliveries in late January and early February, it will significantly increase the doses available to patients in late February and March," Pfizer said.

Vaccinations in Poland proceed as planned

After precise information from Pfizer regarding the limitation of vaccine production, we will make decisions on possible changes to the vaccination schedule, said the head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Michał Dworczyk.

“For now, the registration for vaccination is open, we are not changing anything yet. However, we are waiting for official information. Only when we receive it will we decide on further actions”, he stated.

He recalled that the government has secured both doses for vaccinated people - the first dose goes to the vaccination point and the second to the freezer at the Material Reserves Agency to be used as the second dose.

Mr Dworczyk assured that each person who received the first dose of the vaccine would also receive their second.