COVID-19: Gov’t changes logistics amid limited vaccine deliveries

In the wake of the announced reduction in deliveries of the COVID-19 vaccine to Europe by the company Pfizer, the Polish government decided to suspend the transport of 330,000 doses of the inoculation to nodal hospitals. They were to be used next week to vaccinate patients from group zero.

"We decided to suspend this shipment, change the entire logistics until Pfizer sends us an exact delivery schedule to Poland," said Michał Dworczyk, the head of the Prime Minister's office.

He assured that all people who received the first dose will also receive the second dose of the vaccine. As it stands, the schedule of the National Immunisation Programme is maintained.

According to the head of the prime minister's office, the first part of the plan will not change - 50,000 doses will be transported to points for the second vaccination, and 120,000 doses will go to nursing homes for the first vaccination.

The reason for the temporary limitation in the number of inoculations delivered across Europe planned in February is the need to make modifications to the factory distributing the vaccine, which require additional regulatory approvals. Once the changes are made, the company plans to increase the total count of doses of the vaccine produced this year to 2 billion, some 700 million more than originally planned.

According to media reports, Pfizer is to increase the number of vaccines delivered every week, starting from February 15.

So far, some 437,000 people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Poland.