Ski jumping: Poland 2nd in windy team contest in Zakopane

Despite leading through most of the competition, Poland took second place in the ski jumping World Cup team event in Zakopane, being overtaken by Austria in the final stage of the contest.

Poland was represented by Piotr Żyła, Kamil Stoch, Andrzej Stękała and Dawid Kubacki.

In the first round, the athletes were highly vulnerable to randomly changing weather conditions. These seemed to be favourable to the Polish jumpers… or maybe it was further proof of their great form? None of the Poles failed to live up to the expectations, already high after the training jumps.

Piotr Żyła’s 136 metres was the second result among the first group, while Kamil Stoch jumped 131 metres, way further than other athletes in his group, and put Poland in the lead. The advantage was then increased by Andrzej Stękała (137) and Dawid Kubacki (131 metres), reaching about 22 points over the second team, Austria.

Poland held the lead after the second jumps by Żyła and Stoch, but Andrzej Stękała drew the short straw and jumped only 115 metres in highly inclement conditions. Poland was second, four points behind Austria, with the last group remaining.

Although Dawid Kubacki made a decent jump (133.5 metres), the Austrian Daniel Huber replied brilliantly with 135 metres, which saw Austria win the competition held in windy conditions. Third place was claimed by Norway.

On Sunday, should the wind let for it, Zakopane will host the individual World Cup contest.