Poland listed among top 8 artist-supporting countries: New York Times

The New York Times, in an article entitled "How 8 Countries Have Tried to Keep Artists Afloat," listed Poland among the countries that “had taken steps to buffer the strain of the pandemic on the arts and artists.”

The American daily lists France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea and Brazil. It writes that in November Poland announced the Cultural Support Fund, providing USD 100 million (EUR 83 million) in aid for cultural institutions that have suffered losses due to the pandemic.

“But the plan was immediately attacked by some news outlets for giving money to “the famous and rich,” including pop stars and their management," we read. As the "New York Times" informs, changes were introduced to the fund on the wave of criticism.

Quoting the article, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage writes in a statement that the described Fund for Culture Support is not the only help measure for artists. The total amount of support for this sector in 2020 is estimated at approximately PLN 6 billion (EUR 1.3 billion).

The programmes aimed to support the art and culture sectors include: aid for entrepreneurs (under the Shield 2.0), programmes promoting culture accessibility on the internet, special aid for the film industry, direct funds for the local cultural institutions, contribution to the culture sector employees including the keepers of national monuments. The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage also prepared a separate programme for NGOs affected by the pandemic.