Movie by Agnieszka Holland wins 14 nominations for top Czech film awards

Charlatan (Czech title: Šarlatán), a biographical drama by the Polish acclaimed director Agnieszka Holland about the healer Jan Mikolášek received a staggering 14 nominations for the Czech Lion Awards, the country’s most prestigious film honours.

The movie is considered one of the major favourites for the Best Film award, along with another biography, “Havel”.

“Charlatan”, which is also a Czech candidate for an Oscar, tells the story of the Czechoslovak healer Jan Mikolášek who cured hundreds of people using alternative medicine, mostly plant-based remedies. His activity peaked in the inter-war period, when he treated a variety of the Czechoslovak elite.

This year, the Czech Lions will be awarded in 21 categories. The award ceremony will be held on March 6 in Prague.