We should start thinking post-Nord Stream: George Friedman

George Friedman, the CEO of Geopolitical Futures, who was a guest of “Rock Rachon” programme said that given the current circumstances and situation around the Nord Stream 2 project, it is not likely to be completed.

The US impose sanctions on ship building Nord Stream 2

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“The US is not interested in increasing the Russian leverage in the European peninsula and has opposed it consistently,” Mr Friedman said, referring to the American sanctions laid on the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline by the outgoing White House administration, which are expected to be continued by Joe Biden’s team.

Mr Biden’s term commences on Wednesday.

“I think the Russians are cooling on the entire idea,” he added. “They are losing [Angela] Merkel, no one knows what the Germany policy will be, so at this point we should start thinking post-Nord Stream,” Mr Friedman stressed. “I do not think it is going to happen.”

Russian gas producer Gazprom has acknowledged in a eurobond prospectus seen by Reuters news agency that there are risks that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project may be suspended or scrapped due to challenges such as political pressure.

Mr Friedman also said that it is unlikely for the new administration in the US to change its approach to the eastern flank of NATO.

“[Joe] Biden emerged from the crisis in Ukraine, he was part of the Obama administration. The American strategy is that the Russians can try to reconstruct their former strategic depth. They did that in the Caucasus, recently when they round up troops in the area... they have done it in Belarus, but this is a soft aggression,” he said.

“In terms of actual military action, the Russians are very, very careful. They have learned a lesson in Syria what that can cost,” Mr Friedman said.

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