COVID-19: Registration for vaccination of people over 70 begins

On Friday morning, registration for coronavirus vaccinations for people aged 70 and older has begun. One can apply by phone, over the internet or in person at a selected vaccination centre.

The government encourages people aged 70+ interested in being vaccinated to sign up primarily through the helpline on 989. The second most convenient way is online registration - either by themselves or with the support of a computer literate person. The third solution is to report in person to the selected vaccination point. Some clinics can contact their patients themselves.

At the moment, Poland has secured the supply of over three million vaccines by the end of March. Slightly more than half are intended for health care workers and residents of nursing homes. For people aged 70 and over, approximately 1.2 million vaccination dates are available at the moment. If specific vaccination dates are exhausted, registrants will be able to leave their telephone numbers, and the consultant will call them when registration for the given date and time is possible again.

A week ago, the registration for coronavirus vaccination for people over 80 years old began. From this group, over 750,000 have signed up so far. Senior vaccinations will start on Monday.

Healthcare workers are being vaccinated at the same time. Of the so-called 'group zero', there are over a million people willing to be vaccinated.

All adult Poles, regardless of their age, can fill out the form on the website and apply for vaccination. They will be notified when it is possible for them to register.