‘The Decade of Central Europe’ project reaches world’s leading media

Texts written as part of the ‘The Decade of Central Europe’ project have reached newspapers and websites all around the world as the next stage of the "Telling the World About Poland” campaign.

The project is a recurring campaign appearing in the world's most popular newspapers, weeklies and websites, in which leading Polish and non-Polish authors, historians, scholars and politicians write about Poland and its affairs.

The latest edition, called ‘The Decade of Central Europe’, which is produced by the Institute of New Media, concerns the many opportunities for growth that the region can look forward to once the coronavirus pandemic passes.

"Today, the world is seeking hope,” Eryk Mistewicz, president of the Institute of New Media, said. “Everyone has had enough of the pandemic. The media, regardless of their location, are looking for optimism, they want to present a post-pandemic world, a world of growth, joy, normality. We are directing their attention to the countries of Central Europe, to the growth potential of the region", he said.

This time around, world media will carry texts by, among others, Polish President Andrzej Duda, OECD head Angel Gurria and president of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Marek Dietl, prominent economists Branko Milanovic, as well as Professor Timo Baas, Austrian diplomat and historian Emil Brix, and the Czech economists Petr Sklenar and Pavel Riga.

"We have come a long, successful way,” President Andrzej Duda wrote in his text. “From a region that for a long time hardly existed in the minds of the main actors of the world's stage to a region that is one of the most dynamically developing areas in the world and aspires to be among the civilisation centres."

He also noted that "Central Europe can serve as an example of how cooperation, creation of joint initiatives and projects can bring about positive results" and added that “Poland and the whole of Central Europe are a fascinating testimony to the possibilities that freedom brings".

The project ‘The Decade of Central Europe’ launched as part of the ‘Telling the World About Poland’ campaign, implemented by the Institute of New Media with the support of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish Press Agency. All the texts from the project have been published on www.WszystkoCoNajważniejsze.pl