COVID-19: Polish medics depart to Slovakia

"Relations between countries cannot be based only on calculations. They also mean mutual assistance at a time when others need it the most. Today, Polish medics are going to Slovakia", said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki before the departure of Polish medics who are set to help the Slovaks in carrying out tests for the presence of COVID-19.

"We want to help in the border areas to (...) have better security regarding the pandemic, but solidarity is also Poland's export brand," emphasised the head of the government during the briefing at the military airport in Okęcie.

In this context, he also recalled the help of Polish firefighters during fires in Sweden and the shipment of container houses to Greece and Lebanon.

"Calculations are one thing, but higher values ​​and solidarity are inalienable, thanks to them the Polish brand is strengthened all over the world," added Morawiecki.

The Prime Minister also expressed his gratitude towards approximately 200 medics who volunteered to help.