Winners of “Populariser of Science” competition announced

The winners of the 16th edition of the “Populariser of Science competition” organised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and “Nauka w Polsce” internet portal have been announced. The competition recognises individuals and organisations that popularise science and make knowledge about the latest scientific discoveries accessible to a wide audience.

This year, close to 100 entries were submitted for the competition.

The prizes are granted in six categories, including Scientist, Animator, Institution, Team, Media and the Main Prize.

Winner of the Main Prize, Dr Jerzy Jarosz from the University of Silesia in Katowice, was recognised for his efforts in popularising physics through lectures and experiments in the series 'The Peculiarities of the World of Physics'.

The Best Scientist award went to Dr Joanna Stojer-Polańska from SWPS University of Social Sciences in Humanities. Dr Stojer-Polańska is an expert in forensic science and has been popularising this discipline through her books about animals working in forensic units.

The Silesian Science Festival Katowice won the Best Team, while the Hevelianum Gdańsk triumphed in the Best Institution category.

The Chairman of the jury, Professor Michał Kleiber, said that promoting science should be an important part of every scientist's mission, and that scientists should be supported in their efforts by their home institutions and specialised media representatives.

“The pandemic has shown that there is huge public demand for reliable information, based not on opinions, but supported by facts, research and scientific knowledge. You, the popularisers of science, are the ones who prepare this information,” said Anna Budzanowska, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Education and Science, while congratulating the winners.

She added that last year the Ministry of Education and Sciences spent over EUR 1.3 million (PLN 6 million) on initiatives aimed at the popularisation of science.