Facebook unblocks film on German war crimes

After intense media coverage, Facebook has unblocked a film about the Nazi German concentration camp for Polish children on Przemyslowa Street in Lodz. Kornelia Zaborska from the Polish Institute of National Remembrance which produced the documentary, says that it is unusual for Facebook to re-evaluate blocking decisions of content it had earlier deemed as political.

The documentary tells the story of the Polish children who were interned in the infamous camp located on Przemysłowa Street in Łódź to which approximately 3 thousand children were sent.

Kornela Zaborska says that the Institute is working hard to ensure that knowledge about the camp at Przemysłowa Street reaches as many people as possible. The film has been prepared in seven language versions: Polish, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Hebrew.

The camp was established in mid-1942 and was located inside the Litzmannstadt (the name given to Lodz by the occupiers) Ghetto.

It was built to house Polish children and youth between 6 and 16 years old but many of the prisoners were even younger, sometimes just a couple of months old. Children could be sent there for petty theft, illegal trading and begging.

Children of people sent to camps or prisons, and young people suspected of taking part in the resistance movement were also imprisoned in the concentration camp.

The children were subjected to racial testing, which resulted in some of them being sent to Germany if they had what the Germans called “Aryan traits”. Many were separated from their parents for life and never returned to Poland.

Because of the high death rate, the camp was called "Little Auschwitz. It was in use until the German occupation of Lodz came to an end on January 19th, 1945.