Visit Devil’s Mill, no pact required

Legend has it that Bożydar, the former owner of the mill, signed a pact with the devil so that the wheel of his mill spins even during times of drought.

This, of course, showered great wealth on Bożydar but still, fair ladies would continue to turn down his advances. The industrious miller would then extend his pact with the Evil One to such that within a week a gal from a nearby village accepted his engagement.

However, when Bożydar’s life drew to an end, the devil took his hand and led him to a cave which closed behind them forever. The widow lived on for a couple of years and perished. Some time afterwards a bolt of lightning hit the mill turning it to ashes.

Years passed and the mill was reconstructed, this time using stone. Today it welcomes visitors willing to learn how a seed turns into a loaf of bread and to admire the over 6 m-wide mill wheel.

Dare to visit Devil’s Mill? Find the coordinates here.