Gov’t to spend EUR 7 mln on community centres development

Providing community centres with the necessary equipment and a training package increasing the digital competences of employees of these institutions are the main goals of the "Digital Conversion of Community Centres" governmental project announced on Monday.

The budget for the venture will amount to over PLN 31 mln (EUR 6.9 mln).

“We are launching yet another programme whose main task is to support community centres and municipal cultural centres. We have a great network of such facilities in Poland, that, one could say, directly links societies in local communities and is our spearhead when it comes to reaching society via culture”, said Piotr Gliński, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Culture Minister.

He stressed that the support of these centres is "crucial for the development of the habit and cultural norm of having contact with culture among local communities, especially the young generation, but also of our seniors and all others”.

“We would like the programme to cover about 200 cultural centres across the country, mainly in small towns, because this is how the criteria of this project are set”, the deputy PM added.

While the budget for the entire programme will amount to EUR 6.9 mln, grants will be provided up to approximately PLN 200,000 (EUR 44,600).

The Minister of Culture announced that the recruitment process to the programme would start in April, and the programme will run from July 2021 to June 2022.