Unique icefall in Kielce opened

The beautiful and unique icefall in Kadzielnia in Kielce, south-central Poland, was officially opened on Friday, February 12. On the same day, it was climbed by enthusiasts from the Świętokrzyskie Mountaineering Club.

"No other city in Poland or Europe has such an attraction. It is therefore an element for the promotion of the geological and natural values ​​of the city, also in winter. As for summer attendance, Kadzielnia was visited by over 200,000 visitors. It will contribute to increasing the number of visitors also in winter," said Mirosław Hejduk, director of Geopark Kielce.

Bartosz Sitek from the Świętokrzyskie Mountaineering Club stressed that only professionals can climb the icefall, and visitors should admire it from a distance. "Ice spills from it when it is climbed, so it would be dangerous to stand too close," he warned and encouraged locals and tourists to observe the icefall from the walking path.

During the opening of the icefall, the Mayor of Kielce, Bogdan Wenta, pointed out that Kadzielnia has been known to every inhabitant of the region for years thanks to the cultural events taking place there. "The icefall has also been a landmark for years," he said, encouraging people to enjoy the attraction while respecting safety rules.