Former Polish MP to run for President of Nigeria

I announce that I will be running for the office of the President of Nigeria in the general election in 2023, John Godson a former Polish MP wrote on social media.

Mr Godson was born in Nigeria, in the early 1990s he moved to Poland and a couple of years later he received citizenship.

He became an MP of the Civic Platform (PO) party for the first time in 2010, when he replaced Hanna Zdanowska, who had become the Mayor of the city of Łódź, central Poland.

In the election in 2011 he again won a seat. But during that term he left the party. He claimed that as a conservative he cannot accept the more progressive approach of PO.

He joined the Poland Together party led by Jarosław Gowin, who also left the Civic Platform. This was a predecessor of the current Agreement party. But Mr Godson did not stay long there and moved to the Polish People’s Party (PSL).

He ran in the election in 2015, but did not win a seat. He returned to Nigeria, established a farm and started raising pigs and goats.