Polish firm in talks over COVID-19 vaccine licence

Photo: PAP/EPA/Matteo Corner

Michał Dworczyk, who heads the prime minister's office, told the Sejm (lower house) that talks about the licence are well advanced.

There is no company in Poland today that would be able and ready to start producing such vaccines on the spot. There are several companies that are interested in this matter. One of these companies, we know about at least one particular one, conducts advanced talks - I'm talking about the license - but this is their business secret,” said Mr Dworczyk during the session of the Parliamentary Health Committee.

He upheld a declaration of support for any domestic company "that has real potential to start producing a vaccine, be it protein or mRNA-based or whatever, as long as it is effective and safe in the first place."

“In the coming months, there will be no vaccine produced in Poland. But the government will support any company that would like to start such production, and it must have competences and facilities,”he added.