Food export income record high in 2020: agriculture minister

Photo: PAP arch.

Revenue from agri-food exports hit a record high in 2020 of EUR 34 bn, which is a EUR 2 bn more than a year earlier, the agriculture minister Grzegorz Puda said.

The growth in export revenue was the result of a number of factors including a favourable PLN exchange rate to the EUR and USD, which aided competitiveness on international markets.

"Despite the pandemic, we managed to take better advantage of opportunities to become a really big player on the agri-food market," Mr Puda said, adding that the share of agri-food products in total exports grew to 14.3 percent against 13.3 percent in 2019. "That's a big jump and the great success of Polish agriculture and Polish exporters."

According to data from the Analysis and Strategy Bureau of the National Support Centre for Agriculture (KOWR), the value of last year's food imports stood at EUR 22.3 bn and was 4.9 percent higher than in 2019. The resulting positive balance of trade increased by 11.4 percent to EUR 11.7 bn.

Poland's main trading partners are still EU countries. In 2020, the value of Polish agri-food exports to the EU market grew by 5 percent to EUR 27.2 bn, and accounted for 80 percent of overall income from food exports.

Meanwhile in 2020, the value of agri-food exports from Poland to non-EU countries grew by 17 percent to EUR 6.8 bn.