Connections with Poland Hungary’s primary interest: Hungarian PM

Connecting Hungary with Poland via transport routes is the primary interest of our country, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Radio Kossuth on Friday.

PM Orban emphasised that Poland and Hungary should be connected by a network with the greatest possible capacity of pipelines, power lines and transport routes. "The main economic interest of Hungary is a connection with Poland directly via Slovakia," he stressed.

As emphasised by the Hungarian PM, his country is the only member of the Visegrad Group neighbouring with only one other member state - Slovakia. “Slovakia connects the southern part of Central Europe, to which we also belong, with the northern part. So it plays a strategic role. Poland, on the other hand, has capital as it is a country with a 40 million population,” he emphasised.

“It is in the interest of Central Europe to create north-south connections. We Hungarians must reach the Polish market of 40 million, they [Poles] also want access to Hungary and from there to the Balkans. Building these routes is a matter of our economic success and standard of living,” said Viktor Orban.

"We would all be richer, there would be more economic opportunities for all of us, but the condition is the fastest possible connection between Hungary and Poland via as many points as possible," he concluded.