COVID-19: Mandatory negative test when crossing border considered: dep HM


"We are considering the introduction of a system whereby crossing our border, especially the southern one, would be possible only for those who can provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test," the Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska said on Monday.

Mr Kraska in an interview with Polish Radio 24 emphasised that many countries have already introduced an obligation to have a negative COVID-19 test result when crossing the border.

"We are also considering (...) such a solution, especially on the southern border. I think a decision on this will be made this week," said the Deputy Head of the Health Ministry.

Mr Kraska also called for compliance with the recommendations related to the COVID-19 pandemic - wearing masks and keeping social distance. He pointed out that the currently spreading COVID-19 mutations - British and South African, are much more contagious than the classic coronavirus. "We can get infected fairly easily, and we know the consequences," he stressed.

The Deputy Minister also pointed out that the number of people admitted to hospitals due to COVID-19 infection has recently increased.