7-8 mln Poles might have immunity to COVID-19: Minister

Photo: PAP/Grzegorz Momot

Up to 8 mln Poles might have immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, Adam Niedzielski, the Polish Health Minister told commercial broadcaster TVN24 on Monday.

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He said that two immunity studies had been carried out – one in the Silesian agglomeration in southern Poland and the other one nationwide.

From these, he said, especially on the basis of a nationwide survey, it was possible to “"draw certain conclusions regarding the entire population.”

“Both of these studies included close to 1,200 people, and in both studies we discovered antibodies in about 15-20 percent of the people,” he added.

Twenty percent of the nation is 7-8 mln people in Poland, and this is “the minimum of those with immunity,” minister Niedzielski said.

He added that the recent increase in the number of infections should not be linked to just one factor, such as a loosening of restrictions and a greater freedom to meet, and certainly not to schools.

He added that the reopening of schools, shopping malls and, recently, hotels may have given people a false sense of security, which is that “the pandemic is no longer such a threat.”