We want each district to have psychological care centre: PM

There are already around 200 community psychological and psychotherapeutic care centres in Poland, and we plan to launch new ones so that these facilities operate in each district, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Monday.

His words suggest that there are plans to build more than 100 such centres.

PM Morawiecki paid a visit to the Community Mental Health Centre for children and adolescents EZRA UKSW in Warsaw.

"These facilities already play a fundamental role in the fight for the mental health of our children, our youth," assessed the Prime Minister.

"I am glad that this promise of doubling our mental health expenditure has actually been fulfilled, because in the last five years we are spending twice as much on therapy, community work, mental health and psychological counselling for children and adolescents”, PM Morawiecki stated.

We realise how crucial it is to take care of the mental health of the youth in this period of the pandemic and - I hope - soon in the post-covid period”, the PM went on to say.