‘Our Century’ author talks series backstage during FKN Festival

During the “Remembrance and Identity” Festival (Pamięć i Tożsamość) viewers can see tv series and movies that take them back in time. Among these is the tv series hit “Our Century” (Stulecie Winnych).

Other shows and movies include “People and gods” (Ludzie i Bogowie), “Osiecka”, “War Girls” (Wojenne Dziewczyny), The Crown of the Kings” (Korona Królów), Paths to Freedom (Drogi Wolności) and movies- “Love and Mercy” (Miłość i miłosierdzie), “The Butler” (Kamerdyner) and “Pardon” (Ułaskawienie).

The studio of FKN invited the author of the 3 volume saga “Our Century”, Ałbena Grabowska. Ms Grabowska is a writer and neurologist, who started writing by chance. She first started writing to tell her kids and readers about her second homeland, Bulgaria. After being successful she wrote novels and psychological literature and finally “Our Century”.

The novel was turned into a tv series directed by Piotr Trzaskalski and Michał Rogalski.

The book and show portray a story full of unexpected twists about the multi-generational family of Winny from Brwinów near Warsaw, intertwined with the dramatic events of the 20th century. The series features both fictional and real characters, known from our history, culture and art. The main theme is the fate of the twins, Ania and Mania Winny, who are born at the beginning of World War I. The saga of the Winny family is also an insightful portrait of Polish society, changing with the development of the nation.

In an interview for the Festival, Grabowska says that portraying Polish history through the prism of a family makes it understandable for viewers, by showing the family’s ups and downs. There is a clash of fictional and real-life characters. This makes the fictional characters more believable as they seem more alive and authentic and the real life characters are no longer paper-like.

Grabowska is a medical consultant on the set of "Our Century". She prepares for the medical scenes by making sure the equipment used on the set matches what they were using at the time, diagnoses should also be the same as ones from 100 years ago.

In the interview Grabowska says that the show has met her expectations and is presented in the way she imagined it. She believes that the truth attracts the audience. Viewers can see the ups and downs of a family who tries to understand the situation they are in, often trying to fight the bad circumstances that surround them.

Catch "Our century” on the Poland IN stream every evening from Tuesday to Sunday, at 9:15 PM after the news.