Polish Venture Capital funds market experiencing unprecedented growth

Poland's Venture Capital funds market is developing rapidly, with 2020 being a record year, the head of the state-owned Polish Development Fund (PFR) Ventures said. Speaking during a video conference on Monday, Pawel Borys also said Poland was becoming a regional leader when it came to venture capital.

"Among other things, thanks to strengthening of the Venture Capital ecosystem in Poland, the activities of PFR Ventures, the Polish Venture Capital market is experiencing unprecedented development, taking into account its history,” he said. “The scale of investments in this market has increased tenfold in the last three years he added.

"It can be seen that the year 2020, despite the pandemic, was a record year when it comes to the value of investments in companies in the Venture Capital segment," Borys continued. The size of those investments stood at over PLN 2 billion (EUR 444 million)."

Borys pointed out that on the Polish Venture Capital market, companies can get financing from the moment they start, through periods of expansion and until maturity, when they can get financing from Private Equity funds.

He added that Poland had become the leader on the Venture Capital and Private Equity markets in Central and Eastern Europe with over 1,100 transactions over the last eight years and 340 in 2020 alone.