We are a country in which VAT fraud is not profitable: Min Fin

“Today we are a country in which it is not profitable to conduct VAT fraud and allow VAT criminals to do so, said Deputy Finance Minister Piotr Patkowski on Monday. He added that thanks to the tightening of the tax system, the government can afford for example the 500+ and the 13th and 14th pension.

‘The effectiveness of tax collection proves the strength of each democratic state. We cannot afford a narrative accusing the government and the state of ineffectiveness in the area of ​​these activities," Patkowski said at an online press briefing on the VAT gap.

The deputy minister explained that most victims of VAT offenses are entrepreneurs who pay taxes legally and honestly, "who are subject to unfair competition as a result of such activities."

Patkowski pointed out that it was thanks to the tightening of the tax system that it was possible to increase budget tax revenues to an extent, "thanks to which the government can now afford programs expected by all Poles, such as 500+ and the 13th retirement and 14th pension".

He added that this money is not "only and exclusively derived from the deficit and increasing the state debt" but obtained "as a result of the effective tax policy of the Law and Justice party".

"Thanks to this, today we can reduce Poles' taxes, implement the expected social programmes, because we have managed to tighten the tax system to such an extent that dishonest entrepreneurs either started paying taxes or stopped making VAT frauds. This is a measure of success in combating the VAT gap" - the Deputy Minister emphasized.