Launch of e-invoice for entrepreneurs possible in October

The Finance Ministry hopes that entrepreneurs will be able to use e-invoice as of October, 2021, Deputy Finance Minister Jan Sarnowski said on Monday.

“The Finance Ministry, despite the difficult COVID-19 situation, has prepared a law, which is currently being discussed and we hope that, with very favourable winds, the e-invoice will be made available to Polish entrepreneurs as soon as October, this year,” Mr Sarnowski said.

“This means that Poland would become the fourth EU state implementing this solution. We would outstrip France, which has been planning to introduce an e-invoice for over a year, however, it estimates that making the e-invoice part of the system would happen only in a matter of two or three years,” he said.

The Deputy Finance Minister Sarnowski said that 2023 would be key as it is then that the e-invoice would become an obligatory tool for all entrepreneurs.

“The tax office would immediately know about invoices issued in Poland. There would be no couple of days-long gap. We would not wait... for years before a tax carousel fraud is detected… but this would be possible in a matter of months or even weeks,” the Deputy Minister stressed.

According to the ministry, the e-invoice would tighten the tax system and limit irregularities in VAT processing.