Baltic states FMs meet Head of UE diplomacy

A meeting of the head of the European Union's diplomacy, Josep Borrell, with Zbigniew Rau, the Polish foreign minister and the heads of diplomacy of the Baltic states, was held in Brussels. One of the subjects of the talks was the recent visit of the Vice President of the European Commission to Russia.

During the talks, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia criticised Mr Borrell for his inappropriate attitude during his visit to Moscow in February, which was widely recognised in the EU as his personal failure. During the visit, the Russian authorities expelled three diplomats from European Union countries - Poland, Germany and Sweden - and Mr Lavrow, Russia’s Foreign Minister, strongly criticised the EU, the US and Ukraine at the press conference.

The meeting of the heads of diplomacy of the Baltic states with Josep Borrell took place on the sidelines of the Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels. Its topics were EU policy towards Russia, the situation in Hong Kong and a discussion with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

During the discussion on current international affairs, Polish Foreign Minister Rau pointed to the need for the EU to react to further repression of journalists and human rights defenders by the Belarusian authorities and recalled the expected publication by the European Commission of the plan of economic support for a democratic Belarus. He also expressed his concern at reports of crimes against the civilian population in Ethiopia and attacks on religious sites.

The ministers also touched upon the situation in Iran and Myanmar and the recent summit of the G5 Sahel coalition in the capital of Chad - N'Djamena.