Over 660,000 Poles obtain resident status in UK: Dep FM

Over 660,000 Poles in the UK have received resident status, more than 160,000 Poles received temporary residence whereas a total of 903,000 Poles applied for residence, Deputy FM Paweł Jabłoński said during a sitting of the Lower House contact committee for Poles abroad.

Mr Jabłoński stressed that a large proportion of those Poles in the UK who have not applied for any type of residence were people without a valid ID or homeless people. He reassured that the Polish MFA would undertake action to help these people out.

He also said that the cost of issuing a temporary passport was often met by British charity organisations. However, if they cannot cover the costs, the Polish consulate issues an agreement to cover them using funds from Poland’s budget.

The official said that this issue affected from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand homeless Poles in the UK.

The Deputy FM recalled that the rights of all EU citizens, including Poles, who lived in the UK prior to the transition process, which was prior to December 31, 2020, were secured within the frames of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement.

The official recalled that those who inhabited or settled before December 31, 2020, could now apply for the legalisation of their residence. He added that anyone who could prove that he has been living or resided in the UK for more than five years, would receive the right of permanent residence.

Moreover, people who have been residing in the UK for less than five years can apply for temporary resident status and file a motion for permanent resident status after five years.

Both types of statuses guarantee the right to work, study, health insurance, access to social security payments and social help.