Thousand snowmen to raise money for Bartuś suffering complex heart defect

A heartwarming charity action "A Thousand snowmen for Bartus" took place over the weekend in Korycin, Eastern Poland to help raise money for Bartuś, a boy stricken by an extremely complex heart defect.

Residents of Korycin have been making snowmen the whole weekend to help a 2 year old boy in need. Bartuś Bojarzyński was diagnosed with an extremely complex heart defect. He must undergo surgery within the next 3 months. There is a very limited number of cardiac surgeons in the world who can help Bartus and, unfortunately, none of them operate in Poland.

Thanks to this heartfelt action family and friends of Bartuś hope to reach people all over the country to collect the money necessary for the life-saving surgery.

Residents of the town, friends of the family and even local firemen came to the snowy meadow ready for the challenge. They made hundreds of snowmen to draw attention to the charitable drive.