EC defends a joint vaccine supply strategy for member states: EU

"The system of joint supply of vaccines in the European Union has not been solved," argued the spokesman of the European Commission for health, Stefan de Keersmaecker on Tuesday when he was also faced with the issue of vaccinations being carried out in some EU countries with products from Russia and China that have not been authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) so far.

The EC representative added that EU member states have the right to sign their own contracts with producers who are not covered by the joint purchasing program.

"In the case of our vaccines, they go through the EMA because we want to be effective and safe," said Mr De Keersmaecker.

He also warned that the emergency mode of vaccine approval by individual member states may be more risky than the full EMA procedure.

At the same time, he emphasised that the EC wants to learn from the cooperation between Austria, Denmark and Israel. He did not comment on the allegations of Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz that the EU was acting too slowly in the field of vaccination, and therefore his country no longer wanted to be dependent on Brussels.