Vast majority of Poles consider themselves patriots: survey

According to a study conducted by the Social Changes pollster at the request of news website, over three-quarters of Poles declare themselves to be patriots.

In the survey, respondents were asked whether they considered themselves patriots.

To this question, 76 percent of the respondents answered “yes,” of which 31 percent chose the answer “definitely yes” and 45 percent “rather yes.”

The answer “no” was given by 13 percent of the respondents, of which 5 percent answered “definitely not” and 8 percent “rather not.”

11 percent of the respondents replied “do not know.”

According to the survey, 94 percent of United Right coalition voters, 80 percent of the Civic Coalition voters and 78 percent of Szymon Hołownia’s Poland 2050 voters consider themselves patriots.

The survey was carried out using the CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) method on an online panel. The study was conducted on a nationwide, representative (in terms of: sex, age, size of the place of residence) sample of 1,076 Poles, between February 19 and 22 2021.