Mock matura exams in sanitary regime commence in Poland

On Wednesday, mock matura exams organised by the Central Examination Commission (CKE) are starting all over the country and will be held traditionally in schools. They are not obligatory.

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Students will write them at schools Przemysław Czarnek, the Minister of Education of Science said.

“Despite the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, it is also possible to organise them in the Warmińsko-mazurskie province. So we will have traditional mock matura exams, just like every year,” he added.

Those who do not come to schools, for example because they are in quarantine, will be able to download worksheets from the website of the Central Examination Commission.

At 9am CET, students started the Polish language exam at the basic level. This one will take 170 minutes. At 2pm, tests in Latin and the languages of national minorities will start. The students will write their maths exam on Thursday and the English exam on Friday. The next tests will take place according to the schedule and will end on March 16.

The mock exams will be carried out in a strict sanitary regime, Marcin Smolik, the director of CKE said. “They come down to four basic rules that have been in force in public space for a year: distance, disinfection, masks, airing the rooms in which exams are carried out. So here the rules do not differ from the rules that applied during last year's exams and this year's vocational exams,” he added

Students will only be able to take off their masks after taking their seats in the classroom. They can only bring a pen and ID card to the room, and a calculator for the maths exam. The formula tables for an exam in mathematics or physics must be provided by the school.

This year, the final exams will start on May 4 and will last until May 27. Due to the pandemic situation, oral exams will not be obligatory.