COVID-19: Poland activates temporary hospitals amid third wave

As the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic is accelerating, the government crisis management team has decided to activate temporary hospitals in nine provinces, said the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski on Wednesday.

Minister Niedzielski at a press conference in Gdańsk pointed out that the latest data from the Ministry of Health on the number of coronavirus infections in Poland in the last 24 hours shows that "we are in a very difficult situation". There were 15,700 infections which is over 3,500 more than a week earlier.

“The third wave is accelerating, we have a constant upward trend, the dynamics is absolutely not weakening.We have an increase of over one third, week on week, and furthermore it's all started to impact hospital infrastructure,” added Mr Niedzielski.

Today, the government crisis management team made a decision to activate temporary hospitals in nine provinces. The provincial authorities declare that patients are quickly admitted to hospitals.

He also announced that the face masks will be made available to citizens in the most affected regions in the crisis management mode.