COVID-19: British virus variant to become dominant in Poland, says expert

The British variant of the COVID-19 virus will become dominant in Poland in just a few weeks' time, a scientist has warned.

The variant is thought to be more contagious, and scientists believe that it was responsible for a rapid rise in the number of infections in the UK at the end of last year.

"The British variant is already dominant in some places, for example in Warmia, therefore a reasonable timespan is a month or two, or maybe even earlier,” said Jakub Zieliński, a member of the epidemiological model team at Warsaw University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical Modelling. “It's a matter of several weeks."

According to the centre's latest forecast, the third wave will probably peak in Poland in early April.

"We assume that the British variant multiplies faster than the present variant and therefore will replace it," said Zielinski, adding that the British variant will die out at a much slower rate, and in its final stage it will account for almost 100 percent of COVID-19 infections.