West cannot understand CEE due to historical differences: Judit Varga

Lack of historical knowledge about Central-Eastern Europe (CEE) is the reason why Western states are unable to understand the former in terms of judiciary systems, said Judit Varga, the Hungarian Justice Minister, on Rock Rachon.

In the opinion of Ms Varga, people in Central-Eastern Europe know very well the value of freedom and rule of law, because they remember what they had to endure and that they had to fight against communism to achieve it. This is why these states cherish the opportunity to create their own law, not being bound by any other, paramount legal system.

The minister also recalled that countries from the region took an example from the western EU states and included western solutions in their modern, post-communist constitutions.

According to the minister, the so-called Western bubble, in which the leftist-liberal narrative dominates in the media, is very often used for political purposes. Those who think outside the bubble are casted away by the dominant mainstream. Thus, it is very easy to manipulate Western societies and make them believe that there are numerous cases of severe violation of the rule of law in some CEE countries.

Meanwhile, according to Ms Varga, CEE countries have more pluralism in the media than in the West.

Judit Varga said that Europe needs a strong alliance of strong member states, not becoming the United States of Europe. She pointed out that the EU countries need to deepen integration in the areas that have an added value: how to deal with the problems in the developing countries, how to increase the defence capability of the European Union and how to react to the migration crisis in an optimal way.

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