36,000 teachers applied for third round of COVID-19 vaccination

About 33,700 teachers and nearly 2,200 academics registered in the third round of registration for vaccination against COVID-19, the Ministry of Education and Science announced on Wednesday.

The third round of registration for teachers began on Tuesday at 8.00 am. It concerned people aged 65-69. Teachers, academic teachers, teachers who are absent for a long time, regardless of the reason, employees such as teacher's assistants, branch janitors and practical vocational training instructors were all entitled to participate.

The first round of registration took place on February 8-10. The first applied to teachers up to the age of 60. At that time, 268 000 people had registered. In the second round, which lasted from February 15 to 19, there were nearly 277,000 registrations, including almost 63,000 academic teachers and other persons up to the age of 65 conducting classes at universities.

Teachers’ vaccinations began on February 12. 330 000 teachers have already been vaccinated. The vaccinations are conducted with the AstraZeneca vaccine.