COVID-19: Poles put on weight during pandemic: study

Poles have put on an average of almost two kilogrammes in weight due to COVID-19 restrictions, working from home and remote learning, according to a study released on Thursday to mark World Obesity Day.

The study, conducted last month during a "Let's talk honestly about obesity" campaign, found that nearly 53 percent of women and 68 percent of men in Poland are overweight.

According to the report, the average weight gain during the pandemic in the entire population was 1.8 kilogrammes, while a significantly higher result was recorded in the group of people already suffering from obesity (3.2 kilogrammes), and those who were overweight (1.98 kilogrammes).

Paweł Bogdański, the head of the Department of Obesity Treatment, Metabolic Disorders and Clinical Dietetics at the Medical University of Poznan, in western Poland, said that an obese patient infected with coronavirus is at much higher risk of a severe course of COVID-19.

According to a study by the World Obesity Federation, not one single country with low levels of obesity had a coronavirus death rate higher than 10 per 100,000 population.