Two miners dead after underground accident in Polish coal mine

A rescue operation has been launched after two miners who went missing following an accident in the Myslowice-Wesola coal mine in southern Poland on Thursday.

A dispatcher of the State Mining Authority (WUG) said that “at 16.28 a collapsing of the wall occurred, in the longwall excavation at a level of 665 m. Four employees were affected by the collapse.”

Just after 8pm CET, Dariusz Wójtowicz, the mayot of Mysłowice announced that two missing miners died.

Earlier, a spokesman for the Polish Mining Group (PGG), Tomasz Głogowski had reported that a search for two miners was underway.

Two other miners who were near the accident managed to flee the danger zone, the spokesman added.

Mr Głogowski also said that the circumstances of the accident were not yet known.