COVID-19: Pomorskie province with tighter restrictions

The government has decided to tighten COVID-19 restrictions in the Pomorskie province, northern Poland, while in the other regions of the country, the current restrictions will be extended until March 28, Adam Niedzielski the health minister said on Friday.

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Mr Niedzielski also told the conference that in that province, remote learning for grades 1-3 would be re-introduced from March 13 to March 20, and that activities of shopping malls would be limited. Furthermore, cinemas, hotels and pools will have to be closed.

A similar set of tighter restrictions is currently in force for the Warmińsko-Mazurskie region, also in the northern part of Poland, which has been the most severely hit by the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The restrictions in that province will be extended by an additional week, the minister said.

“The number of daily infections might even exceed 18,000. It all depends on whether we follow the rules of sanitary safety,” Mr Niedzielski added.

Any further decisions on regulations in individual provinces will be presented on a weekly basis.