Every second Belarusian IT expert picks Poland as country of relocation: official

Currently, every second IT specialist from Belarus chooses Poland as a place of relocation, compared to only 10 percent in August 2020, Justyna Orłowska, the Prime Minister's Plenipotentiary for GovTech company said.

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“Then, it was Ukraine which was the first destination for the Belarusian IT experts, now it is Poland”, she pointed out,

GovTech has been implementing the Poland Business Harbor project since August, which helps Belarusian specialists and companies from the IT industry relocate to Poland. Ms Orłowska said that there was a website with job advertisements that may be of interest to the Belarusian parties.

In her opinion, this year's biggest challenge will be the National Reconstruction Plan (KPO).

“This plan also provides money for e-services and digital competences, which we deal with as a GovTech centre. We will have to ponder how to spend this money as efficiently as possible in order to make the best possible contribution to our society”, Ms Orłowska said, adding that nearly one third of the expenses earmarked in KPO is to be spent for digitisation.

Inaugurated in 2018, the GovTech (Government Technology) Poland implements solutions “streamlining the process of providing cheaper, innovative and better-suited ICT solutions for administration”.